What can you do here?

At the center you can improve your health, practicing our specialty, Pilates, or train in a different way through TRX, suspension training or prepare as wellness professionals with our Marterclass and Courses.



We have the ideal solutions adapted to your way of practicing pilates, from the exclusive private class to the always pleasant and participatory group class.

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Suspension training, in which the hands or feet are held at one anchorage point while the other part rests on the ground, using your own weight as part of the exercise.

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In our courses thanks to this method you will recover the muscle tone of your pelvic floor and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

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Pilates Classes

​It is important that when you practice Pilates you feel at home.

The center has all the machines of PILATES, as they are; Reformers, Chairs, wall Unit, or the different accessories that can make the class more challenging or facilitate the exercises for people with specific needs.

  • Beginners | Start with us your first Pilates classes
  • Private | Practice Pilates in the most exclusive and personalized way
  • Duo | Choose a partner and practice with whoever you want
  • Group | Enjoy a always friendly shared (maximum 5 persons)


​Take the weight of your body and exercise all your muscles.

To practice this specialty we have our blue room that is shared with other Pilates classes.

  • Private | Drop in and start training TRX
  • Group | For the most demanding with her/his body


​Get a flat stomach and re-educate your posture.

With Hipopressiv abdominal gymnastics, you will get not only a flat belly and reduction of the waist diameter, (between 3 and 10 cm) if not, improve the pelvic floor, improvement of lung capacity, thoracic mobility, strengthening of the respiratory muscles, Urinary incontinence, Prolapses and also improves sexual relations in both men and women...

  • Beginers | Group or private, 3 months
  • Maintenance | Group or private


​Learn, improve and understand the hand of the best.

Several times a year we offer courses always related to Pilates, postural health or different techniques, for both amateurs and professionals. Here are some of the ones that have already been taught. To be aware of all of them you can follow us on facebook and thus attend the future pilates courses or workshops in Marbella.

  • Osteopathy
  • Hipopresivos
  • Pilates for Trainers
  • And much more...